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Anti-Theft protection products and services for Computers and Electronics

FlexLok 15 Security Cable System Features:

Flexible 1/4" diameter vinyl-coated (overall diameter is 5/16") steel wire cable used in 5 foot cable lenght, for rugged, cut resistant, cost effective and cost efficient anti-theft protection. Secure up to three pieces of equipment with a single cable. Resists point of opportunity thefts and aggressive attacks.

Easy, simple, fast installation with exceptional results. Anchors through existing desk cable opening or drilled hole.

Economical, cost effective, very secure and reusable.

Internal computer board, memory and drive theft protection with optional Tube Fastener.

For mouse/keyboard theft protection use our mouse/keyboard washer or Master #7 or #10 Padlock installed to the security cable snaring the mouse/keyboard wires. Wire cannot be remove without cutting off the plugs.

Machine Attachments - Steel Mounting Plate, Optional Tube Fastener

Steel Mounting Plate - 16 Gauge steel L-Bracket with bonded rubber face. Glued on with Cyanoacrylic permanent bond. This is our medium duty machine attachment. These plates are a less expensive machine attachment for securing machine components.

Optional Tube Fastener - Tube Fastener can be installed using CPU case cover screws or replacements with flat washer. This option is mainly used to secure the CPU cabinet shut, requiring the cable be removed from the Tube Fastener in order to remove Tube Fastener to open CPU Cabinet. Perma-Site does not reccommend the use of Tube Fasteners as the primary cable attachment to the computer. A Glue Plate or Glue Disk is much better suited for this application.

Padlock Locking Method

#3 Master Padlock with 1/4" diameter, hardened steel shackle with double notch locking. Locks can be keyed alike or on individual keys. A variety of keying arrangements available. (keyed alike, not alike, in groups of same key number). Can also be used with combination padlocks. Customer owned padlocks can be used for keying flexibility.

Security Cable to Work Station - Installation Options

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