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Perma-Site Security Systems in continious operation since 1985, specializes in securing all kinds of computers, A/V and electronic lab equipment at the point of use (where it is really needed), or opportunity. We specialize in providing security installation services, on-site at your location, securing computer (CPU and Monitor) and other type of electronic assets including, printers, video projectors, smart audio and video systems including those mounted upon rolling carts or the ceiling of a smart classroom. We frequently provide IT turn-key asset protection solutions for Smart Technology Classrooms, Computer Labs, Office and Lab equipment at the point-of-use or in the case of theft, point of opportunity. Our primary customers are some of the largest hospital, medical and university systems, as well as corporate offices in the Southeastern Pennsylvania, Centeral and Soutern New Jersey and Delaware tri-state region.

We proudly provide professional sales consulting and professional on-site security installation services for your asset protection needs.

Our customers experiences show us that a large percentage of the theft occurs during the working day, at the point of opportunity, when employees and visitors are in the building, and alarms are not in use. We secure your equipment to prevent it from developing legs during the night, or whenever. We accomplish this using a wide variety of security devices that range from heavy-duty security cables and chains to super duty steel security plate systems which would be mounted under a CPU.

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